29 Ultimate Gift Ideas: What to Get Chess Players

Chess players are deep thinkers. Many assume it is hard to purchase gifts for chess players due to this fact. There are many gift ideas for chess lovers that can tickle their fancy.

This article has compiled numerous items as gifts for chess lovers. All listed items are chess-themed that will capture their attention. The recommendations all have practical use. It is not just a novelty item for display but has a purpose.

1. Chess Decanter

Celebrate a tournament victory with a glass of wine. A Chess Decanter will be of great use for these occasions. It is a congratulatory gift idea that is shareable with many. Soon enough, it will always be present in victory parties. And why not? Things are always merrier with a few drinks.

2. Chess.com Pro Membership

Help future grandmasters by gifting them a Chess.com Pro Membership. Serious players can receive lessons, game analysis, and tactics training. These are the necessary tools to improve their game. Support their growth as players by giving them opportunities to learn.

3. Wall Chessboard

Chess enthusiasts often formulate strategies in their minds. Gifting them a Wall Chessboard is a helpful tool to improve their play. It is also a lovely decorative piece for the home or office. Now they can always see how they want to play up close and make adjustments when needed.

4. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Good food and chess, can they come together? Of course, yes! Send the chess-inspired Salt and Pepper Shakers to the kitchen or dining table. Chess strategy discussions with a full stomach are best. These decorative shakers are attractive and can brighten the atmosphere when on display.

5. Unique Personalized Chess Set

There are a lot of chessboards in the market. But nothing beats a Unique Personalized Chess Set. It is an intimate way to show support and inspire players to practice more. Made of durable and high-quality materials, it will last a long time. There is nothing like using something you can call your own.

6.No Stress Chess

Chess has a reputation for being a complicated sport. However, those who want to get started will love a No Stress Chess set. It is ideal for beginners who want to learn. It is also a tool for advanced players who wants to teach. This item keeps potential talents hooked and interested. It will make the chess-loving community bigger.

7. Masterclass with Garry Kasparov

Serious players would most like want to learn from the masters. An opportunity to grab is getting into a Masterclass with Garry Kasparov. This gift idea will expand their knowledge and sharpen their skills. It will give them a bigger perspective on how they should strategize to advance their play.

8. Chess Clock

The chess clock is essential for players who want to join official tournaments. It keeps track of the time a player takes to make a move. It is to make sure that no players delay the game too much. Professional players carry this in every tournament. And beginners can use this to practice and improve themselves.

9. 4-Player Chess Set

Chess is a game played in pairs. However, there is a family-oriented version of it through a 4-Player Chess set. The rules are the same with a twist. The game always begins with the red color set pieces. The turns go clockwise. Discover the intrigue with this unique gift idea.

10.Sleeping Bag

Chess players often travel miles for their next tournament. Taking naps is essential and helps them sleep soundly with fluffy Plush Chessmen. It has polyester filling inside that it is so soft and huggable. It will keep them comfy and well-rested. They are ready to win the next game.

11. Chess Scorebook

Chess games can run for a long time. Keeping track is better with a Chess Scorebook. Using this tool, observers and players can record scores and data. It is also helpful in self-evaluation or reviewing an opponent’s skills. It is a way to level up in the game.

12. Chess Book

Chess has been a favorite indoor game for a long time. Many publications about this are circulating. A Chess Book as a gift for beginners and advanced players is always received well. It is an opportunity to learn and improve. There is nothing like learning good things in a traditional way.

13. Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth Chess Set

Do you want a chess game to have more excitement? Gifting a Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth Chess Set will bring drama to the table. The game becomes more intense as it pays tribute to an epic battle of good and evil in literature. See the battles up close and feel the tension with this unique gift idea. It can also double as a fun role-playing game.

14. Lego Chess Set

Strategy and creativity. It is what a Lego Chess Set stands for. Chess lovers will have fun assembling their pieces and playing them later. It is a collector item anyone would love to receive as a gift. Players of all ages and skills will enjoy numerous challenges this set has. It heightens the imagination and keeps the mind and hands busy.

15. Decorative Chess Bookends

Long-time Chess players probably have lots of books related to their favorite game. Gift them Decorative Chess Bookends to keep their things organized. Not only does this item keep things spic and span, but it also is a pleasant decor that can brighten up any room. It is a suitable fit for home libraries, studies, or bedrooms.

16. Chess T-Shirt

When someone is passionate about something, it is right to shout it out to the world. Gifting your chess-loving buddy a Chess T-Shirt only shows their dedication to the sport. Choose from a variety of design patterns and color options that reflect the recipient’s personality. It is a present for an anniversary, birthday, or Christmas present. It is also a cute couple’s T-Shirt theme or congratulatory gift.

17. Chess Socks

Chess players need to rest and have the opportunity to be lazy on the sofa. Keep them cozy and warm with Chess Socks. This design has familiar chess-inspired pieces enthusiasts would know. It has a snug fit that relaxes their feet and accompanies them as they binge-watch a chess documentary. It is also usable every day. Wear it when going to work, meeting friends, or at school.

18. Chess Necktie

How do you incorporate chess into business attire? By putting on a Chess Necktie. Make the recipient feel like a King by tying this around their neck. It is a stylish choice that has a dash of a sporty theme. Wearing this can turn every business meeting into a checkmate success. It can also be attire for formal events like weddings, reunions, or galas.

19. Personalized Chess Keychain

Are you friends with many chess players? Then why not give away a Personalized Chess Keychain? It will serve as a token of your group. It can also serve as a lucky charm whenever they play in tournaments. It is like having the group around to support them every time they play. It is also a giveaway to tournament participants as a sign of appreciation.

20. Wine Accessories and Chess set

A game of chess while sipping some wine, is that a good idea? If it is a friendly game with someone dear, why not? A Wine Accessories and Chess set have the essentials you need to get away with this. This gift idea has a chess set and wine tools. It has the works, a foil cutter, drip collar, bottle stopper, and corkscrew opener. Get ready to fill your glasses while enjoying a good game.

21. Star Trek Tridimensional Chess

Science fiction lovers that like to play chess will appreciate receiving a Star Trek Tridimensional Chess set. It is a creative way to play the game from a brand-new perspective. This collector’s item is the true definition of playing a 3D board game. It is a unique experience.

22. Solitaire Chess

See the beauty of chess from a different perspective with Solitaire Chess. It is a puzzle game that is enjoyable for all skill levels. It is a fun and challenging gift to anyone playing the game. The movements of the pieces are the same. The object is to capture all and leave one piece standing to claim victory. People of all ages will love and see chess in a different light with this present.

23. Classic Chess Table

There are many modern and artistic designs of chessboards. However, nothing beats the Classic Chess Table. This item is a staple for individuals or families who love the game. There is nothing like having a friendly match the old fashion way. Not only is this an attractive game board, but it can also be a fancy décor in the game room.

24. Chessmen Cookie Cutters

Chess is a serious game, but who says a little bit of sweetness? Do it by baking a pastry favorite, cookies. Using Chessmen Cookie Cutters, this treat becomes associated with the game. Create a battalion of soldiers, multiple pairs of kings and queens, or a hoard of knights and bishops. It is the perfect gift for culinary enthusiasts who like chess.

25. Shower Curtain

Chess enthusiasts would love their homes decorated with things reminding them of their hobby. A chess-themed Shower Curtain is a unique idea. Who would have thought that chess has a presence in the bathroom? This whimsical décor is something people of all ages would love. Now chess can even prevent and protect from slipping due to a wet floor caused by the shower.

26. Pool Chess Set

Beat the heat by playing chess while immersed in the water via a Pool Chess Set. This gift idea allows the game to evolve from an indoor to an outdoor game. It is a fun idea to spend the summer and keep kids interested in playing. It is a gift that promotes camaraderie and testimony that chess is a very flexible sport.

27. Chess-Themed Bedding

There is a move chess players do not want to escape their heads. How can you keep it in your dreams? Why not give them Chess-Themed Bedding? So that every night before sleeping, they are comfy in the thing they love the most. Who knows? The bedding can preserve the idea in their head. The winning move might come while they are peacefully asleep. A good night’s sleep is needed for mind conditioning to ensure victory.

28. MegaChess Set

A spacious backyard, what do chess players see? A huge chessboard must be one of their wildest dreams. However, this is longer a fantasy but a reality if they are gifted a MegaChess set. This item is composed of giant plastic pieces inspired by chessmen. Each piece has a sturdy base and is light enough to be lifted during a game. It is also suitable for playrooms, family rooms, and spacious basements.

29. Alice in Wonderland Chess Set

There is nothing like Alice in Wonderland, a classic Lewis Carol tale that moves the imagination. Bring to life with an Alice in Wonderland Chess Set. This game board has all your favorite characters ready to face off against each other. The attractive design can keep kids interested and turn the play into a fun experience. It is also a collector item that chess enthusiasts would love to have. It is a dash of whimsical fun in the competitive game of minds.

Final Thoughts:

These 29 ultimate gift ideas for chess lovers are various and have something for everyone. It only proves that chess is more than just a competitive indoor game. It is an activity that promotes camaraderie and is suitable for all ages.

These creative gifts for chess players are practical. They can use it often, and some are for sharing with others. Whatever you choose, the receiver is bound to love it. You have no idea how it can inspire them to win their next game or tournament.

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