12 Perfect Martial Arts Gifts For Any Martial Arts Fans

If you have a friend who loves martial arts, you should consider keeping the best memories together. This includes offering the best unique gifts on special days such as Birthdays, Christmas, etc. There is a wide range of martial arts gifts in the market. Therefore, it can get a bit confusing to settle on a particular one. You will need to consider several factors before making your choice. Below is a list of the best gifts for martial artists that you might want to try out. They include:

Martial Arts Belt Display


Whether you are getting started or getting more experience in martial arts, you will earn yourself a belt. Therefore as you earn these belts, you will need something to display them neatly. A martial arts belt display is all that you ever need.

This makes it a unique giftfor martial artists because these belts act as trophies in their martial world. There are different types of belt displays. So, you can always get one that suits the needs of the recipient in the best manner. For example, some units can be easily personalized while others cannot.

Also, others have smaller spaces to store fewer belts, while others are spacious enough to hold more belts of your choice.

Gym Bag

As a martial artist, you can always carry your accessories around as you move around using this gym bag. They are available in a wide range of designs and styles to suit the needs of different people.

For example, for kids, you can opt a personalized one so that your little one can easily identify their bag. These bags are made from high-quality materials, which assure you of a longer-lasting unit. Depending on your budget, you can always choose one that suits your needs best.

Wall Art

If you are a martial arts instructor celebrating any special moment in their lives, you offer them this gift. This will keep them remembering as each day passes. They can have this in the space where they perform this sport. It keeps the whole place looking elegant at all times.

Therefore, this makes it a great Christmas, Birthday, and other occasions. Additionally, you can choose to add a picture of the recipient to keep it more elegant.

iPhone Case

As a martial arts lover, you wouldn’t want to miss out on having your phone in a martial arts-themed iPhone case. This displays how you like these arts. Also, it keeps your iPhone looking elegant. They are available in different colors and designs to suit your needs best.

For girls, you can get one that is pinkish or with a brighter color, while for boys, a black or any other color would do. Moreover, you can choose the perfect one for your phone. It is ideal for getting a martial arts-themed pop socket to offer a firmer phone grip.

Kick Pads

Since martial artists can be teens, kids, or adults, it is ideal for getting kick Pads that keep them comfortable at all times. Also, as you get this as a gift, it is important to consider their safety.

You can use these kick Pads while training for taekwondo or karate. It is an ideal gift for those kids still trying to get experience. It helps them acquire the necessary skills during their martial arts.

However, it is suitable to seek advice from their instructor before making kick pads. From here, you can get what will suit your kiddo in the best manner.

Learn the Language

It would be more fun to learn entirely all that culture that comes with martial arts. A martial artist that has learnt the martial art language finds it easier to get through the activities. For Japanese, you can opt for jiu Jitsu or karate gifts; for Chinese, you can go with Kungfu and many more. Ideally, the Rosetta stone allows you to learn up to 24 languages. This makes it an ideal gift for anyone that loves martial arts.

Therefore, you can opt for a three-month subscription, which enables you to learn one language at a smaller fee. Also, the unlimited packs allow learning the 24 languages for as long as you desire.

Book a Vacation

If you are a fan of martial arts, then you would want to spare some of your time for a vacation. This could be a trip to Japan for the famous karate, Thailand for Muay Thai, or booking an Asian excursion that you love the most.

Since you will need to take a flight, it would be wise to gift your loved ones with flight cards. This will help them through their airfare. The cards have different denominations that you can choose from. You will love these tours as you learn more about martial arts.

Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

Nothing beats an athlete who has braced herself with the best fitness tracker. And I can never reiterate enough the importance of having a smartwatch that is capable of giving you progress in your day-to-day workout activities. It is important to monitor heart rates and know the number of calories you’ve burnt in a day.

If you’re a martial artist, then you can opt to grab this gift at your disposal. Aside from being affordable, this smartwatch will offer you value. I’m proud when I know that the activity I started has visible progress, which is why I consider this smartwatch a savior.

Laser Etched Ornament

Are you a martial arts instructor? And Are you looking for an ornament to match your taste? This laser-etched ornament will suit you perfectly. As a martial art instructor, you need something that will define your personality, which is why I think this ornament will match your needs. You can also have this for your friend interested in martial arts. Rest assured; they’ll like it.

Aside from that, you can grab it as a holiday present for someone interested in martial arts. Plus, I like that this unit allows you to include your name and year for remembrance. The cost is friendly, and you can expect to get the value for any coin you pay.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Who said that decorative water bottles are only meant for ladies? One of the useful gift ideas for martial artists is this incredible fruit-infuser water bottle. As a martial artist, you want to stay hydrated in all your activities because you’ll lose a lot of water through sweating and energy consumed by your body.

And you can count on an infuser water bottle to offer you this. I like that most of these units come with recipes, insulating sleeves, and various colors for you to choose from. This novelty gift will make a martial artist appreciate your kindness and care. The water bottle is durable, and it will resist severe sunburn.

Funny T-Shirt

Kung Fu has never been this interesting, thanks to this novelty gift. This t-shirt doesn’t not only suit kung-fu fighters but also showcases their art and confidence. This funny saying will cheer up any kung-fu artists who want to give up. Plus, it makes the art to be exciting and enjoyable. It is ideal apparel for martial artists to wear after their workouts.

At least, it offers a realm of hope for martial art artist that they have a destiny, and their self-belonging will always remain greater. With black color, you can be prepared to look classy while showcasing your funny side to the world.

Holiday Ornaments

During that last month of the year, gifts are normally part and parcel of the occasion. Christmas celebration usually doesn’t end well without being gifted something by your family and friends.

But why don’t you make this coming Christmas unique and surprise a martial artist? This unit is customized with an artist’s name and year of birth. If your child is interested in martial art, then you can never get a better gift than this martial art gift. Your child will feel cared for and loved with inspiration and Christmas ideas. I have seen most parents nature their children by not only talking to them but by gifting them presents that matter the most to them.

So, take advantage and offer them this wonderful gift that will mean a lot in their life. It is affordable, and you’ll pamper your lovely angel with this one-of-a-kind gift. Don’t hesitate to check out this martial art gift.


With the above martial arts gift ideas, it becomes easier to pick one for yourself or your loved ones. Having considered a wide range of factors, you will always love any of these gifts. The recipients, on the other hand, will always remember for you this.

Therefore, go ahead and make your choice; you’ll love it. I like to state that most of the products I have shared above are well-researched, and all the information results from rigorous work.

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