15 Perfect Japanese Teacher Gifts

One way to show appreciation to teachers for all the hard work they do is by giving a gift. However, this is not easy when dealing with Japanese teachers. You will need the knowledge to choose Japanese teacher gifts that are appropriate, popular, or even cool.

This guide will give you hints on how to pick the perfect Japanese teacher gift for the occasion, as well as serve as a source of inspiration. See the item here.

Japanese Kanji Name Necklace

When selecting a gift for a Japanese teacher, you want to make sure that the gift is appropriate. It is often tough to figure out which gift is best. However, to make your decision easier, you can pick a Japanese kanji necklace.

Japanese kanji is a simple but meaningful gift to give a Japanese teacher. This necklace has a pendant that is written in Japanese kanji. To give the necklace a personal touch, you have to provide the name of your Japanese teacher.

Moreover, have the necklace made in gold, rose or sterling silver. This should be as per your Japanese teacher’s preference. See the item here.

Tea Forte Kati Cup Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are the unofficial Japan’s national flower. This means that a Japanese teacher would adore anything cherry blossom-related gifts. The perfect way to express this is with the Tea Forte Kati Cup Cherry Blossoms.

The Tea Forte Kati Cup Cherry Blossom is a teapot that is made of ceramic. The ceramic body makes the teapot durable. The teacup has a lid and infuser made from stainless steel. The lid and infuser are detachable making it the perfect tea set for traveling.

The cup is then decorated with a cherry blossom design. With this gift, you can be sure that your Japanese teacher will love drinking tea from this cup. See the item here.

Customized Round Sandalwood Stamp

Your sensei or teacher deserves to receive a special gift. One way to show your gratitude is by giving them a round sandalwood stamp. This special stamp is handmade from pure sandalwood.

You can have the stamp customized with the name of your Japanese teacher or any text of your choice. However, the diameter of the stamp varies, therefore, you have to specify the exact size of the stamp.

A round sandalwood stamp is a great gift because it has a good balance between necessity and sentimentality. See the item here.

Fuji Folding Fan

Are you looking for feminine Japanese teacher gifts? If so, you can consider the Fuji Folding Fan. For centuries, folding fans were used to preserve the cool temperature in hot summer days. However, the Fuji Folding Fan is different because it is a symbol of Japanese culture and elegance.

Made from silk, the fan is durable. Your favorite female Japanese teacher can use the Fuji Folding Fan as a part of her collection or even during hot summer days. They can have it in their travel bag so that it is always within reach.

The night color on the folding fan is subtle. With this, your Japanese teacher will look elegant and graceful. See the item here.

Japanese Tote Bag

Simplicity is key when it comes to choosing the perfect Japanese teacher gift. Some of the best Japanese teacher gifts are the ones that are understated and matter-of-fact. One of these is the Japanese Tote Bag.

This 100% cotton bag is made from high-quality material. The stripes in the bag make it stand out in a crowd. The bag has a strap that makes it easy to carry or fold into tote. This makes the bag compact and easy to store.

The cotton lining also ensures that the bag does not crinkle. This bag is not only perfect for everyday use but also ideal for travel. The bag can store valuables and other items needed during traveling. See the item here.

Mini 3D Japanese Pagoda Lantern Kit

A novelty Japanese teacher gift is suitable for a casual teacher. One way to show your appreciation to a casual teacher is by giving them a Mini 3D Japanese Pagoda Lantern Kit.

This is one of the most versatile Japanese teacher gifts that make a great impact. The lantern resembles a miniature version of a Japanese pagoda. The lantern is simple and elegant, holding the entire design of a pagoda.

When paired with an LED tea light candle, the lantern can create the perfect setting for your Japanese teacher. This is perfect when they are having a get-together with family or friends. See the item here.

Samurai Bookends

One common characteristic with every sensei or teacher is the love for reading. They often have books and even study while they are on the move. That is where you can give them a bookend that makes a great impression.

The Samurai Bookends are simply the best sensei gifts because they are a memento of Japanese history. The bookends are made from metal making them both durable and sturdy. The samurai figure is the perfect symbol for a sensei or teacher. See the item here.

Chiyogami Pencil Set

Practical presents are always welcome by Japanese teachers. One of the best practical gifts is the Chiyogami Pencil Set. The pencil set is made from Chiyogami paper, which is famous for its smooth texture and rich smell.

This set comes in a pack of 6 pencils. Each of the 6 pencils displays a paper covering of a different color. This makes the gift even more attractive to any teacher. Even though the pencils are simple, it has an effect on a teacher’s overall disposition.

Your Japanese teacher can use the pencils in their office or at home. It is a perfect gift that can be used for general writing, marking tests and worksheets, sketching, holding meetings, or just about any other activity. See the item here.

Japanese Poetry

Japanese poetry is a significant aspect of Japanese culture. The words used in their poetry reflect the deeper meaning of their thoughts. This is a true gift to express your appreciation to a Japanese teacher.

There are thousands of Japanese poems that explore the meaning of life, their culture, and their customs. The poet’s words are often filled with deep meanings that inspire you to investigate the poetry yourself.

With this gift, you can show your appreciation for a teacher’s amazing work. The poetry is simple yet powerful. This makes it a great gift for any Japanese teacher. See the item here.

Sushi Cat Keychain

When gifting a Japanese teacher, you don’t have to be all official and stuff. There are funny Japanese gifts that make a great impression. One of the best Japanese teacher gifts is the Sushi Cat Keychain.

The sushi cat keychain is definitely a funny gift but it has a deeper meaning than one can imagine. The cat and sushi make the keychain stand out. With so many colors to choose from, you can get the right one for your Japanese teacher.

The keychain takes after the Japanese traditional mottoes. It is a concise yet strong message that anyone can relate to. See the item here.

Japanese Kimono Pattern Fabric Lanyard

One of the best Japanese teacher gifts you could get your favorite teacher is the Japanese Kimono Pattern Fabric Lanyard. This is a timeless gift that you can use to express your appreciation.

The cotton fabric used in the lanyard is soft and smooth. The monochrome design makes it a perfect gift for any teacher’s favorite color. It is comfortable to wear all through the day, meaning that they don’t have to carry their ID cards in their hands. See the item here.

Japanese Yuzen Glass Fridge Magnets

The Japanese Yuzen Glass Fridge Magnets are one of the best Japanese teacher gifts. For Japanese culture enthusiasts, this is a perfect gift. The fridge magnets are a set of 6 to 12 assorted magnets.

The Yuzen paper used on the glass makes a great impression. Due to their quality, the magnets are both colorful and vibrant. This makes them stand out in a crowd of other normal refrigerator magnets.

The neodymium magnet in the Japanese Yuzen Glass Fridge Magnets is powerful, meaning that it sticks to your refrigerator door firmly. See the item here.

Lovely Amulet

In Japan, most people believe in Omamori which are amulets or charms. These are usually small talismans that are worn on the body to bring good luck and ward off evils from your life. Your Japanese teacher could really use one of these amulets.

The amulets are believed to bring happiness, luck, good health, and prosperity. They are designed to protect the wearer from all ill forces. The amulets come in different shapes and sizes but they all represent the same meaning.

There are amulets that can be placed in the car, worn on the wrist, or worn by the neck. There are amulets that have buckles to tie around your waist, or even hang from the neck. The amulets come in different sizes and shapes, so it’s your choice to find the one that works for your Japanese teacher. See the item here.

Japanese Wind Chimes

Is your Japanese teacher a nature lover? If so, Japanese wind chimes will work great for them. The wind chimes produce calming and soothing notes when the wind blows through them. This will create a perfect environment for your teacher to concentrate on their tasks.

The chimes come with a wooden plate where you can choose any words you want to be engraved. You can put anything from a name, quote, or even your message to your favorite sensei. This will make the wind chimes you gift very personal.

The wind chimes come in various sizes and styles, therefore, be sure to choose one that will go well with your Japanese teacher’s style. See the item here.

Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Card

Picking out unique Japanese teacher gifts can be challenging, but the Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Card is one of the most unique Japanese teacher gifts. Cherry blossoms are the most recognizable symbol of Japan. They symbolize beauty and violence, birth and death.

This makes the cherry blossom pop-up card a very versatile card that a Japanese teacher will greatly appreciate. When your Japanese teacher opens the card, a beautiful cherry blossom tree will pop up. This is a dramatic and beautiful symbol of Japan.

The card also comes with a blank envelope where you can write special messages to your Japanese teacher. It will make this card even more special for your teacher. See the item here.


There you have it. 15 perfect Japanese teacher gifts that you can give to your favorite teacher. The gifts are extremely personal, as they are all based on your teacher’s hobbies, traits, and interests. Make sure to take the time to shop around so that you get the perfect Japanese teacher gift.