12 Valuable Gifts That Start With the Letter V

go best gifts that start with v

There are so many things to consider when picking out a gift. The person’s interests, personality, and of course, your budget. With all of those things in mind, it can be tough to come up with something original. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 12 gifts that start with V and will make whoever receives them feel special.

Volcano Island Crystal Growing Kit

What’s better than a fun and educational gift? This kit allows children to learn about the power of science, while also creating something unique. The beautiful crystal created by the children will look great on a shelf.

The gift is perfect for children above the age of 6. The instructions are easy to follow and come with everything you need to create the crystal. On top of that, it’s even a fun way to get kids away from screens and into the science lab. See in store.

Vintage Succulents Puzzle

Are you looking for a gift that is both unique and personal? Perfect for someone that has a green thumb, you can’t go wrong with this gift. The puzzle involves solving the mystery of which succulents match.

The work of the recipient will be to join 1000 pieces together to create an individualized puzzle. The surprise is that when completed, the 1000 pieces will create an image of various succulents such as cactus or aloe. This is a great gift for any plant lover.

This is a brainteaser that will help to improve the recipient’s focus and problem-solving skills. It also makes a great gift for family members or friends that you are trying to bond with over a shared interest. See in store.

Vintage Travel Poster Puzzle

The vintage travel poster puzzle is a unique gift, that combines a love of travel with a fun puzzle. This is a great gift for anyone looking to collect the beauty of travel without having the budget to do so.

By working on putting together a puzzle of 1000 pieces, the recipient will be able to enjoy countless memories of travel, without actually leaving the comfort of their home. The work is both enjoyable and fun, but difficult to complete.

What’s more, is that they can also come up with their bucket list of travel destinations. The perfect gift for a traveler, a collector, or someone that loves puzzles. See in store.

Virtual Reality Headset

Are you looking for that valuable gift that your husband, brother, son, or uncle will love? If so, the virtual reality headset is the perfect gift for a family member looking for a new and exciting way to connect with technology.

The headset comes equipped with different lenses, which will allow the user to experience virtual reality. Moreover, the headset allows users to connect and interact with friends, social media apps, video games, and more.

With all of these interesting features, the recipient will have a chance to experience a new level of Internet usage. The recipient can have a wide variety of experiences while becoming more immersed and entertained. See in store.

Volcano Kit

Kids will love this fun and unique kit that can be used to unleash the power of science. The recipient will be a part of making the volcano erupt, by using a chemical reaction. This kit is great for those that want to learn more about the world while having fun at the same time.

With over 15 science experiments, kids will have a blast testing the power of the volcano and using various objects to create something truly original. They’ll love seeing how the volcano erupts, while also understanding why it happens.

It is an educational gift that will particularly fascinate boys. Boys often like trying to create something and learning about science in a fun and interactive way. This kit is another great option for the boy who likes science and wants to learn more. See in store.


One of the most popular sports in the world is volleyball. It’s played with a single round ball and a net, but many variations exist. If you’re looking for that perfect gift for someone who loves sports, this could be it.

Volleyball is a great way to stay fit while also having fun. It’s a sport that can appeal to players of all levels and abilities. This particular gift is the perfect choice for the volleyball lover that likes to liven it up a bit.

It can also be used as a decoration when not in use. Instead of having a plain old volleyball by the pool, you can have it on display while also adding to the decor of your home. See in store.

Vanity Mirror

Has your friend recently moved into their new home or apartment? If so, they’ll love a vanity mirror. The gift is perfect for the homeowner that is looking to further personalize the home and make it feel like their own.

The mirror is beautiful and can be used to add to their bedroom décor. It can also be useful in making the bathroom feel more feminine. The mirror is perfect for hanging in the bathroom, by the bathtub, or on a wall.

If you have a friend that loves to take selfies, they’ll also be happy to receive this gift. The mirror can be used as a great accessory to help the user take the perfect selfie. See in store.


We all love gifting our loved ones flowers, especially when they’re in need of cheering up. But did you know that a vase can be a fantastic gift too? It can definitely add to the home décor. A vase is perfect for those that want to make their home more beautiful and chic.

The recipient can use the vase for just about any flower, including roses or carnations. The vase is very elegant and luxurious looking. It’s an impressive gift to give to a friend or family member that is looking to make their home more beautiful.

There are different types of vases to choose from, including handmade, glass, and plastic. They can be used as decoration in the home or as an accent piece in the office or bathroom. A vase is a perfect gift for anyone that loves to feel luxurious at home.

Violin Ornament with Crystals

Do you want to get that great musician in your life a gift they’ll love? Then this violin ornament is the perfect choice. The violin ornament has crystals attached to it and can be hung on a Christmas tree or home decoration.

The musician will love cherishing their talents with this gift. The recipient will love the gift because it’s unique and special. It’s perfect for any musician, whether they’re learning to play or deciding to take up the instrument professionally.

The beautiful ornament is an impressionable gift because it can ease the pain of failure and disappointment. It’s also great for encouraging children to practice, by keeping them motivated with the reminder that they are that much closer to mastering their instrument. See in store.

Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have a friend or relative that could use a new vacuum? If so, then this is the best gift for them! They’ll love having a brand-new vacuum. It will make cleaning up after their kids much easier. They’ll also be able to use the vacuum for their carpets, furniture, and more.

The vacuum will make cleaning a lot easier. It has attachments that can allow the user to clean hard-to-reach areas of their house. The vacuum cleaner is also powerful and will work perfectly for cleaning up crumbs, dirt, dust, and much more.

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you should opt for one with a HEPA filter. This filter will help to remove allergens from the air and make it much cleaner. The vacuum is also lightweight and will be easy to carry around the home. See in store.

Vinyl Record Player

Vinyl record players are becoming popular again. The best thing about these players is that they give you a chance to listen to your old albums, while also allowing you to buy new records. This gift is the perfect choice for anyone that still loves listening to the records of their youth.

The record player has great sound quality, and it’s also very easy to use. It can also be used as decoration in the home because of its retro style. The record player is another great gift for any music lover. They’ll love being able to listen to their old favorites as well as buy new music. See in store.

Vegetable Chopper

Vegetable choppers are perfect for the home chef that loves to create delicious meals and snacks. The recipient can chop any vegetable with ease, without having to pull out the big knife. The chopper is also easy to use and can chop vegetables in just a few seconds.

The recipient will also enjoy the ease and convenience of preparing the vegetables quickly. It’s also easy to wash and can be stored away in a convenient location. The recipient will love the fact that they have an extra appliance in the kitchen that allows them to prepare their food quickly and easily. See in store.


There are many options for gift giving when it comes to the perfect gift for your friends, family members, and loved ones. These gifts that start with v are a great place to start. They’re all unique, thoughtful, and personal. Pick the one that you think your friend or family member will love best!