10 Unique Gifts That Start With the Letter U

Have you been thinking hard about what to get your loved one this holiday season? Maybe you want to be a little bit more original this year, and give a gift that no one will have. This can be a lot harder than one might think, but with a little bit of creativity and all the help that the internet can provide, you won’t have any problems finding something unique.

We have put together 10 unique gifts that start with U that might be the perfect gift. If you are wondering what to get that special someone in your life, maybe one of these gifts could just be it.

Unplugged Sleep Helper

Sleep is very important to your body, and if you are constantly running around and checking up on things, you could run yourself out. If they need a little push into the sleep zone, then this gift will definitely do the trick!

If you have a friend or loved one that has been complaining about the lack of sleep they are getting, this unplugged sleep helper may be the perfect gift. It is super cute and will help them relax and get their much-needed sleep.

The unplugged sleep helper is a good meditation device that helps one relax while sleeping. The rhythm of the music that is played through your headphones will help you slip into a deeper sleep, and it will help you drift off in no time. See in store.


When gifting, most of us go on to buy a bicycle to give our loved ones. However, if you want something unique, then you could opt for a unicycle. They are a lot of fun to ride in, but it will give the gift recipient something to focus on outside of their new-found happiness.

The unicycle is a really cool gift that can be used by either men or women. You can decide which it is for your loved one, depending on what you think will make them smile. The unicycle is suited for kids, but even adults will enjoy riding this.

Unicycles are no longer just for kids, if you have an adult in your family that loves to ride a bike, this gift can be the perfect fit. The unicycle is very maneuverable, which is what makes it so fun to ride.

When buying a unicycle, choose one that suits your loved one’s needs. Go for a heavy-duty one if you know that they are going to be riding it daily, and go for a standard unicycle if you think it will just be for casual use. See in store.


This is a gift that many people have in their hearts, because of how fun it is. There are a lot of different ukuleles available on the market today, so you will be sure to find something perfect for your loved one.

The ukulele is a really cool instrument for anyone to learn. They are really simple to play, and there are a lot of different songs that can be played on it. Not only does it make a fun gift for anyone, but it makes for a great piece of artwork if you decide to paint it yourself.

The ukulele is a good gift for a child, but an even better one for an adult that can’t play the piano. If your friend or family member loves to sing, this could be the perfect gift to boost their self-confidence. If they can’t play, it will still be a fun thing to look at and listen to. See in store.

Ugly Dolls

These dolls are very popular in today’s world. Although they are limited edition, there is a huge fan base that loves collecting them. They come in different sizes and different designs, so whether you buy one for a kid or an adult, it will be appreciated.

Ugly dolls are very popular in this day and age, so if you know someone who has one but hasn’t yet filled the collection, it is a perfect gift of choice. There are a lot of different ugly dolls out there, so you will have a lot of choices when deciding what to buy.

The ugly dolls are a good collector’s item, and if you know someone who collects these kind of things, then it is the perfect gift for them. They are not very expensive, so it is the perfect one to buy when you want to spend some money on your loved one. See in store.

Uno Attack Game

Uno is a fun card game that you might have played before. It is a classic game, with a modern twist and is a lot of fun. If you have played this kind of game before, then you probably know what to expect with the Uno attack game.

If you have played a lot of card games with your loved one, you will probably know their favorite ones. This game is a lot of fun, and it will give them a chance to try out new games with their friends.

The Uno attack game is friendly for anyone above the age of 7. If you know there are a lot of children in your family, it would be a great gift to get them. Uno is a game that anyone can play, so as long as the children are old enough to understand the rules (not very complicated), they will be fine. See in store.

Unicorn Plush Toy

Unicorns are very popular in the world at the moment, and there are a lot of people out there that agree with that. This is a gift that will not be forgotten, and it will make someone really happy. What could be more fun than a unicorn?

Unicorns are a little bit of an odd gift, but if you are looking for something that is going to make someone smile, then it will be a hit. The unicorn plush toy is something that you can purchase once you have found the perfect one.

The unicorn plush toy is something that almost everyone loves, so even if you are not sure what they may like, it is a great idea to get them this. Choose a unicorn plush toy that you think suits your loved one’s taste, and you will be sure to make them happy with this gift idea. See in store.

Urban Born Handmade Birdcage Large Glass Terrarium

This is a gift that will make someone happy. The birdcage and terrarium is a beautiful item that you could give to anyone. It has a lot of different products to choose from, so you will be sure to find one that suits the person you are giving it to perfection.

This is a beautiful item that will look great in any room in a house. It would be a good gift if you were looking for something small, but it can also be used if you want to put something significant in your loved one’s home.

The glass terrarium is good for any adult, and it will look great in their living room, kitchen, or bedroom. It can be used as a decoration, or it can be kept as a pet in the home. There are a lot of different sizes available, so you will be sure to find something perfect to suit their needs. See in store.

UNO Attack Mega Hit

Do you want to bless your favorite family with the much-awaited game? If yes, then here is the perfect gift for you. UNO Attack Mega Hit is a fast-paced game that will give you the ultimate fun. It is a simple card game that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

It is a perfect game for you to play with your friends and family. It is fun and interesting and will get you hooked! It is absolutely easy to learn yet very challenging to master. It has simple rules and an awesome theme that will make you play it over and over again. See in store.

U-Shaped Body Pillow

Is your wife pregnant? Is it time for you to get her a gift for this important occasion? We have come up with an interesting idea that will blow her away. It is a must-have item for pregnant women. This is the U-shaped body pillow.

It is specially designed to make a pregnant woman more comfortable while sleeping. This pillow will help her sleep better and make her feel more relaxed throughout the entire pregnancy. It will also support the back of the growing belly by helping to ease pressure from sitting or lying down. See in store.

Utensil Holder

An organized kitchen is one of the most important things that you can do in order to have a well-functioning kitchen. An organized kitchen is much more efficient because it will not only help you to keep your kitchen tidy but also will help you to save a lot of time. So, if your wife is a woman who takes care of the kitchen, then she will definitely appreciate this gift.

A utensil holder will help your recipient to organize the kitchen and keep everything in order. It will allow her to store her cooking utensils and paraphernalia so that she can make all of the tasty dishes that she desires. This is a must-have kitchen appliance for anyone who owns a kitchen. See in store.


There are a lot of different gift ideas out there, but these 10 gifts that start with u are a great way to score on your loved one. So, choose a gift that starts with u for a loved one, and you will be sure to make them happy.