13 Awesome Mahjong Gifts For Mahjong Players and Lovers

13 Awesome Mahjong Gifts

For centuries, mahjong is a game that has become one of the most popular and widespread games in the world. This makes gifting mahjong players and lovers a very important part of the holiday season. When finding the perfect mahjong gifts, you will want to find something that the mahjong player or lover would enjoy and use.

This may turn out a bit difficult since preferences and opinions vary from one mahjong player to another. However, you can never go wrong with these 13 awesome gifts for mahjong players and lovers.

Professional Chinese Mahjong Sets

There is no better way to appreciate your loved one’s mahjong skills or passion than with a nice mahjong set from China. When someone shows interest or passion in a game, enhancing that interest with a mahjong set is very important.

Professional Chinese mahjong sets are naturally the best sets available on the market. Complete with 144 durable tiles, the set will provide hours of challenging fun for your loved one. They are also quite easy for a passionate beginner or even intermediate player to learn the rudiments of the game. See in store.

Mahjong Cards

Playing the usual mahjong tile game can get a bit boring after some time. That’s why introducing mahjong cards to the game is important. Mahjong cards are an awesome alternative to tiles because they provide more room for creativity and strategy.

The mahjong cards are made from water-resistant PVC plastic and are almost impossible to destroy. This makes it easier to use cards in tournaments or play with them at home. They are also portable and can be carried in a pocket or in a bag without taking up too much space.

Additionally, the mahjong cards use the same rules as the tiles. Therefore, your recipient will be able to play the game like he or she would with the tiles. The mahjong cards also provide a more detailed and realistic look of mahjong. See in store.

Mahjong Nail Art Stickers

When gifting the special lady in your life, you can never go wrong with mahjong themed gifts. Mahjong nail art stickers are great for mahjong players and lovers alike. These nail art stickers are designed to fit on fingernails and toenails in order to give your loved one a beautiful mahjong-themed look.

The mahjong nail stickers are made from environment-friendly materials, as well as non-toxic chemicals and dyes. The stickers application process is also quite simple and easy, as well as long-lasting. Your loved one will have the option to choose from different styles and types of mahjong stickers. See in store.

Mahjong Shape Candy Molds Set

Does your mahjong lover or player have a sweet tooth? Then you might want to consider these mahjong shape candy molds sets. The mahjong shape candy molds sets are made from food-grade silicone which means that they are also safe for consumption.

In addition, the mahjong shape candy molds sets can be used to make a variety of different desserts. From candy, biscuits, mints, macaroons, and chocolates, your loved one will be able to make an almost limitless amount of delicious desserts that are hand-crafted just for them.

The non-stick silicone material will ensure that the candies or treats won’t stick when being taken out of the molds. As a result, your loved one will have a beautiful and delicious mahjong-themed treat that they can enjoy on their own or with family or friends. See in store.

Mahjong Coffee Cup

Coffee is perhaps one of the most popular beverages in the world. For this reason, why not give your loved one a mahjong-themed coffee cup? The mahjong coffee cup is a great addition to any kitchen, be it at the office or at home.

The mahjong themed coffee cup is made from premium materials and is quite easy to clean. The ceramic material also has a good thickness which will prevent the cup from receiving any damage. Moreover, the 13.5-ounce cup is also very easy to drink from, which means that your loved one will not have to worry about the odd spill. See in store.

Mini Travel Mahjong Set

In most cases, we focus on indoor games when gifting the mahjong lover or player. However, the mahjong travel set is the perfect alternative to this. The mahjong travel set is specifically designed to be a portable mahjong game that can last for a long time and still provide hours of fun on the go.

The mini travel mahjong set comes with all 144 pieces of Chinese mahjong and a portable table that can be folded and used to carry the set around. The mahjong travel set is quite versatile in the sense that it can be used both outdoors and indoors.

This is among those mahjong gifts that your loved one can carry around and play with, especially on long trips or holidays. See in store.

Personalized Mahjong Bag

Mahjong themed gifts have a special place in the heart of mahjong players and lovers. When gifting a lady, you will have no better option than the personalized mahjong bag. The personalized mahjong bag is a great way to show someone just how much you treasure their mahjong skills, passion, or even love for the game.

The personalized mahjong bag is made from linen, which is a type of fabric that has been used for centuries for making clothing and bags. The travel mahjong bag will make it easy for your loved one to carry various kinds of mahjong accessories around. Moreover, the name of your recipient can be embroidered on the bag in a beautiful font.

The personalization will make the gift more personal and impactful. It is surely one of the mahjong gift ideas that will not only be appreciated but also cherished by your loved one. See in store.

Mahjong Mini-Tiles Stretchy Bracelet

Mahjong lovers and players deserve a gift that displays their love for the game. The mahjong mini-tiles stretchy bracelet is one of the best gifts that you can give your mahjong lover or player. The unique piece of jewelry can be worn around the wrist and is made to resemble mahjong tiles.

The elastic cords that run through each mahjong tile make it easy to take the bracelet on and off. The mahjong bracelet is perfect for formal occasions and casual events alike, which means that your loved one will be able to match the bracelet with different outfits.

Moreover, your mahjong lover or player will be able to communicate their love for mahjong whenever they wear the bracelet in public. See in store.

Mahjong Pillow Covers

Mahjong pillow covers are among the most creative gifts for mahjong players and lovers. The mahjong pillow cover is made from a soft and breathable material, which means that your loved one will enjoy the comfort that the covers provide.

The color used when printing the mahjong characters on the pillow cover are vibrant and strong, which makes the pillow cover unique and beautiful. The colors will not fade over time, which makes the pillow covers particularly attractive. Moreover, the prints are made using the latest digital printing technology. See in store.

Mahjong Gaming Printed Doormat

Has your mahjong enthusiast moved into a new house? Mahjong housewarming gifts are sure to make them feel just a bit more at home. The mahjong gaming printed doormat is a welcome gift that will not go unnoticed.

The doormat is made using high-quality materials, which means that it will last for years to come. The materials are heat resistant and will not fade over time. The non-slip rubber backing will make sure that the doormat stays in place, thus ensuring no accidents. See in store.

Chinese Style Folding Fan Modeling Earrings

If your mahjong lover or player is into fashion, then you might want to consider gifting them with these exotic-looking earrings. The Chinese-style folding fan modeling earrings are crafted from genuine alloy, which means that they are also made from the finest quality materials.

The earrings have a gold-plated finish, which will make them look elegant and luxurious. The design of the earrings is traditional Chinese, which means that they will look great on your loved one. See in store.

Small Mahjong Bowl

When playing the great mahjong game, you need different kinds of bowls to serve your partners or opponents. This is what makes the mahjong small bowl a great accessory for your mahjong lover or player.

The mahjong small bowl is made from high-quality ceramic material to ensure that it lasts for long, even with frequent use. The bowl is glazed with food-grade glaze to make it look attractive. The mahjong designs that have been printed on the bowl are colorful and eye-catching. See in store.

130 Keys Mahjong Keycap

If your mahjong lover or player is tired of the ordinary old keyboard that comes with their computer, then this awesome 130 keys mahjong keycap might be just what they are looking for.

The 130 keys mahjong keycap will make it easier for them to type on their keyboard using the standard QWERTY layout. The PBT material used to make the keycap is quite durable and ensures that the keys stay in place. They will not fade over time and will not wear off.

The low-profile keycaps are very comfortable to use and are sure to provide a better typing experience for your loved one. See in store.


As you can see, mahjong gifts can be fun and creative, especially when you are trying to please a gamer or enthusiast. The list above is just a sample of mahjong gifts that you can get your loved one as a mahjong lover or player.

There are many more gift ideas that you can get, which makes it possible for you to choose the perfect mahjong gifts for your loved one!

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