10 Meaningful Teacher Gifts to Show your Appreciation for all Subject Teachers

Teachers spend countless hours on the job, working hard to ensure all students have access to quality education. As a sign of your thanks, you want to treat them with the best teacher gifts possible. We’ve compiled a list of 10 meaningful teacher gifts that are sure to show your appreciation for all subject teachers.

History of the World Map

History teachers are often assigned to teach a particular era of history. Sometimes, they may have to cover a lot of ground and have students write lab reports or complete projects that include researching information from different historical time periods.

The History of the World Wall Map is an excellent visual tool that helps break down the centuries and eras, allowing history teachers to show students where historical events occurred visually. Teachers will love having a reference guide with them at all times.

It is a practical gift that allows history teachers to see which countries, cities, or wars occurred on the map. It is a great way to introduce students to their world by showing them the history they have learned in school while also teaching them what they must know at a much deeper level. See history teacher gifts here.

Reading Teacher Notepad

It is the role of a reading teacher to make sure students have an excellent comprehension of the literature they are reading. The reading teachers work closely with their students, helping them understand storylines and themes.

A fun gift for a reading teacher is the Reading Teacher Notepad. Teachers love to have a place to make notes during class, so this pad will help them keep track of important information. The notepad comes in different sizes, so you can find one that fits the reading teacher’s needs.

Moreover, you can add a personal touch by having the name of your reading teacher printed on the notepad. The personalization of this gift means that the reading teacher will always keep it close by and use it on a daily basis. See reading teacher gift here.

Custom Periodic Table Element Name Key Chain

For the best part of the chemistry teacher’s day, they are working with the periodic table. It is the basis of all chemistry concepts and explains how elements work together to create compounds. Getting them a custom periodic table will surely make them smile.

The custom periodic table key chain allows the chemistry teacher to keep their keys in order by attaching them to the key chains. However, this is not what makes the custom periodic table element key chain unique. The unique feature is the fact that it has the name of the chemistry teacher engraved on each key chain.

Each initial of their name is placed next to the element that it correlates to. By attaching this name key chain to their keys, your teacher will be living proof that they are a chemistry teacher on the go. It is a simple but sentimental teacher gift that is sure to be treasured. See chemistry teacher gifts here.

Science Tapestry Wall Hanging

Understanding the structure of the human body and how it works is the focus of the biology teacher. They are always in the lab and classroom, helping students understand human anatomy.

When you want a gift with a scientific twist to show your appreciation for the biology teacher in your life, the Science Tapestry Wall Hanging is a thoughtful and excellent choice. The wall hanging contains important information about natural and biological science. The wall hanging can be placed in the classroom or in the teacher’s home and be a constant reminder of what you appreciate about them.

The tapestry is made from polyester for durability. It contains important Biology formulas, equations, and facts. Generally, this is a meaningful gift that is subtle but will remind the biology teacher of you and your appreciation for everything they do every time they glance at it. See biology teacher gifts here.

Willow Tree Dance of Life Ornament

Are you seeing the results of your ballet teacher’s dedication? You want to do something special to show your appreciation for their hard work. An excellent way to do this is with a Willow Tree Dance of Life Ornament.

For a ballet teacher, dance is life. The Willow Tree Dance of Life Ornament is an excellent addition to the teacher’s tree. The ornament allows the ballet teacher to convey the message that dance is a part of their life in a fun and festive way.

The willow tree ornament is made from resin, so it is durable and will last for a long time. Many teachers have Willow Tree ornaments on their Christmas trees, so this makes for an excellent gift that is sure to make a huge impact. See ballet teacher gifts here.

Solid Oak Personalised Glasses Stand

An English literature teacher has a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. They have to assign students reading materials and prepare them to pass their exams. In addition, they have to help students understand the complex work that is being assigned and explain why it holds historical value.

A solid oak personalized glasses stand is a thoughtful gift for a teacher who is required to give lectures and answer students’ questions during exams. The stand is constructed from oak and can be personalized with initials and words of appreciation. Your teacher can place the glasses stand on their desk and have something to rest their glasses in while they prepare for exams. English Literature Teacher Gifts.

Most teachers carry around a lot of things as they are teaching, so having a stand that is portable makes it easy for the teacher to keep their glasses in one place. This is a unique and thoughtful gift that will show your teacher you value them. See English literature teacher gifts here.

Math Clock

Do you want to say that you could not have done it without your math teacher? The perfect gift to give a math teacher is the Math Clock. It shows appreciation for their knowledge and understanding of the field.

The Math Clock allows the math teacher to have their profession displayed in a fun and unique way. Each hour of the clock is labeled with a mathematical formula or concept. It makes for an excellent centerpiece for a teacher’s wall.

This clock will be a representation of the many mathematical concepts that the teacher should be using to help their students learn. Your math teacher will enjoy having their profession displayed in this way, so it is one of the ideal teacher gifts. See math teacher gifts here.

3D Galaxy Crystal Ball Night Lamp

Physics is a subject that is not easily understood by most people. It requires a committed teacher to help you love the subject. If your teacher has succeeded in unleashing this world of wonder for you, you want to show your appreciation for their work.

For that special scientist in your life, give them a 3D Galaxy Crystal Ball Night Lamp. The lamp has a unique design to it that will allow it to display the night sky right in front of your eyes. This is what makes the gift so special. It allows your physics teacher to gaze upon their newly discovered galaxies and stars each night.

The gift displaying the galaxy on the lamp will be a constant reminder of their understanding of this complex subject. It is one of the unique teacher gifts that will certainly be treasured by your physics teacher. See physics teacher gifts here.

Personalized Name Plate

The music teacher is the one who has helped you to see the joy in playing a musical instrument. If they have made music something special in your life, you should show your gratitude.

An excellent way to do this is with a personalized name plate that can be placed on a mirror or a wall. The wooden plate is a unique gift that will help your teacher mark their territory in style. The name plate can be personalized by engraving the teacher’s name and musical note.

To make the customization stand out, you can choose the colors to be used on the name and the musical note. You will also have to provide the name your music teacher prefers to be called by. See music teacher gifts here.

Sign Language Shirt

Are you a fan of the art of speaking with your hands? You want to say “thank you” to your speech teacher for helping you to express yourself better. You can do this with a gift that will help them practice their passion for sign language.

A sign language shirt is a gift that will allow the speech teacher to show their love of the language. It is a unique way to show appreciation for the work they do by helping you be better at communicating with others. It shows that you care about their craft.

The cotton shirt is comfortable, so your speech teacher can wear it to school if they want. The shirt comes with common signs printed across the front. The teacher will have something fun to wear that also serves as a reminder of their profession. Choose the shirt color that best suits your teacher’s personality. See speech teacher gifts here.


Having a thanksgiving heart is important in any relationship. This is especially true for the teacher and the student. The 10 teacher gifts will guide you through this process when it is time to give thanks.