15 Fantastic Swimming Gifts That Swimmers Will Surely Enjoy

Are you looking to reward that swimmer in your life with a gift that they will love and cherish forever? Want to get them something special for the holiday season or their birthday, but not sure what to get them? Then this list of 15 fantastic swimming gifts will be perfect to help you out.

Pool Volleyball

One of the most thoughtful gifts for swimmers is a pool volleyball. After a long training session, there is nothing more that swimmers enjoy than playing some fun games during the cool down. Pool volleyball provides just that.

This gift comes with an inflatable volleyball court, volleyball, and 2 weight bags. The weight bags will keep the inflatable pool volleyball court in place while your swimmer and their friends play the game. What’s more, the gift is suitable for all ages, both male and female, making it a great gift for any swimmer you know. See the item here.

Personalized Swimmer’s Print

In the 21st century, people are adopting prints as an aesthetic statement. The swimmer’s print is the perfect piece of artwork for a swimmer, as it is both functional and expressive. Your loved one can hang it in their own room, in the locker room, or just anywhere in their house.

With this particular swimmer’s print, you can personalize it with your swimmer’s name, age, and favorite stroke for an added touch of personalization. Moreover, you can request a white frame to place the print in, to make the print stand out even more. This print will surely be appreciated by your swimmer. See the item here.

Swim Themed Drink Markers

Does your drink have to be boring and plain? Want to spice up their drink with some cute, colorful, and fun swim themed drink markers? The four handsome swimming champions will surely brighten up their drink, regardless of where they are.

Your recipient can choose their date from the 4 different legends. This will make their drink distinguishable from others and represents their time in the pool. The biceps and abs displayed by Blake, Zack, Spencer, and Freddie are also conversation starters, making the gift perfect for ladies who love swimming.

However, if you want to gift a male friend, choose the female drink markers instead. See the item here.

Underwater Digital Camera

Keeping memories is part of life. However, it is not always easy to get a photo that can represent a unique moment in your life. Therefore, it is a great idea to gift the swimmer in your life an underwater digital camera.

The camera will allow them to take high-quality images of themselves doing particular swimming techniques. This way, the swimmer can easily retrieve those images and keep them for their use. They do not have to worry about missing the perfect shot while they are swimming.

When buying the underwater digital camera, it is recommended to buy it in a set with a waterproof case and strap. The set will add to the recipient’s satisfaction. See the item here.

“Just Keep Swimming” Mug

Motivation is the key to achieving the goals you set. A beautiful, inspirational quote is the best way to make sure that your swimmer will keep swimming. The “Just Keep Swimming” is the ideal quote, as it will encourage your recipient to continue their swimming journey.

This 11oz ceramic mug is dishwasher safe, microwave, and freezer friendly. As your swimmer enjoys their favorite beverage with this “Just Keep Swimming” mug, you can be sure that they will keep swimming in order to achieve their goal. It is a unique gift that will not break your bank account. See the item here.

Pool Float Lounge

The swimming pool is a place of relaxation and peace. After enjoying a hard workout, it is important that the swimmer feels comfortable and at ease. In order to achieve this, a pool float lounge would be an excellent gift.

The soft lounge will provide your swimmer with a place to relax as they are lazily floating in the pool. The float lounges come in different colors, sizes,s and designs, so you can choose one that fits your swimmer’s preferences.

Choose one that has a headrest, backrest, and footrest, so the lounger can provide support to your swimmer’s head, back, and feet, respectively. After an exhausting training session, your swimmer will surely feel at ease in the soft lounge. See the item here.

Swimmers Wellness Shampoo

It is important to make sure that swimmer’s hair has the maximum amount of moisture, even when they are not in the pool.

The best way to do this is to use a shampoo that contains ingredients that will keep the hair healthy and moisturized. One of the best body shampoos is the Body and Swimmers Wellness Shampoo. It is natural, safe, and effective.

The shampoo is among the best gift ideas for swimmers because it is not only good for the body, but it also helps to keep the hair healthy. See the item here.

Body Care Set

Before and after swimming, the body needs to be well cared for. A great gift for swimmers is a body care set. The set will provide the swimmer with everything they need to care for their body.

A complete set should contain a body wash, body oil, and a moisturizer. The body wash will remove dirt and bacteria from the swimmer’s skin. Then, the oil will be used to moisturize their skin while the moisturizer provides deep moisture and hydration.

Generally, it is best to choose a body care set from a reputable brand. The brand will ensure the quality of the ingredients that the products contain. Therefore, your swimmer can rely on the integrity of the product. See the item here.


Do you want to touch a star? The best way to do this is to give your swimmer a swimsuit. This is among the most popular swimming gifts for swimming friends. The swimsuit will allow your swimmer to maximize their swimming abilities and performance, while also helping them feel good about themselves.

To make your gift more personalized, buy it in your swimmer’s favorite color. It will surely make them feel special as they put on their new swimsuit. Consider getting one for every season, to ensure that your swimmer does not run out of swimsuits to wear. See the item here.

Charm Bracelet for Swimmer

When planning to gift someone, jewelry is always the first thing to come to mind. Therefore, it is a good idea to get your swimmer a charm bracelet. The bracelet will remind them of their swimming memories every time they put on the bracelet.

The swimmer can choose from a variety of jewelry charms. For example, you can get them an anchor charm to signify their swimming achievements, or a dolphin charm to signify their love of swimming.

There are also charm bracelets with custom engravings. You can get a charm bracelet that contains the name of your swimmer’s favorite swimming technique, or the name of their favorite swimming competitor. See the item here.

Beach Towel

After every training session, swimmers need to dry off their bodies before they decide to step out of the pool. A beach towel is perfect for this. The towel will dry their body and also allow them to put on their street clothes.

A beach towel is good for swimmers because it can be used to dry their entire body. It is not just a regular towel, and this means that the towel can get dirty. Therefore, it is important to get your swimmer a microfiber beach towel. See the item here.

FORM Smart Swim Goggles

Why not make the swimming sessions in the pool more fun? To achieve this, your swimmer needs to see everything from a different perspective. Therefore, it is important to buy them goggles.

One of the best goggles for swimmers is the FORM Smart Swimming Goggles. These goggles provide your recipient with a different experience in the pool. The swimmer will see the world in a completely different way.

The goggles are made from anti-fog technology, which means your swimmer will always see clearly in the pool. In short, these goggles are a must-have for swimmers. See the item here.

Swim Sign

Ever thought of buying your swimmer a sign to hang from their house? To make the swimmer’s home more special, you can buy them a swimming sign.

The sign would remind them of their love for swimming whenever they see it in the house. There are several swimming signs to choose from. For example, you can buy the swimmer a “swimmer” sign that has an image of a fish, a dolphin, or another sea animal.

You can also get them a sign that has the word ”swimming” or a quote that represents the swimmer’s life. The sign can also be a motivational quote that drives the swimmer to be a better person. See the item here.

Beach Duvet Cover

After their training session is over, your swimmer will surely look forward to relaxing. In order to do this, they will need a great place to rest their head. One of the best ways to make your swimmer’s bed more comfortable is by buying them a duvet cover.

The duvet cover will provide the swimmer with extra warmth, and it can also be used to block out dust from the environment. In short, the duvet cover will make the swimmer’s bed more comfortable while also keeping them warm. See the item here.

Anti-Fog Spray

Swim goggles can come in handy, but they are not perfect. This is because of their foggy lenses. Therefore, it is important to get your swimmer an anti-fog spray. The spray will protect the goggles from fogging up.

The anti-fog spray is a necessity for swimmers because it will prevent the goggles from fogging up. This will help them see clearly in the pool. See the item here.


Swimming gifts for swimming friends are a great way to motivate your swimmer. There are many gifts that will drive them to be the best swimmer they can be. This is because of the memories that the gifts will create for them.