22 Great Soccer Fan Gifts to Buy for Players and Fans

Great Soccer Fan Gifts

Soccer is a sport that has had a long and rich history of being a fan favorite, with even casual observers able to enjoy a match. Soccer is known for being played by fun-loving and social people. However, when it comes to finding the perfect gifts for soccer fans, things can be a little bit more complicated.

You want to find a gift that is suitable for the fan, but you also want to find one that is going to show your appreciation for his or her love of the sport. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 22 great soccer fan gifts that will show off your appreciation for the sport.

Personalized Soccer Ball

Soccer can never be there in the absence of a good soccer ball. This makes a personalized soccer ball the perfect gift for any soccer fan. Why don’t you surprise your loved one with a personalized soccer ball that comes with his or her name and the name of their favorite team?

There are thousands of designs to choose from, allowing you to pick one that will work for a particular fan. See the item here.

Foosball Table

Soccer is an outdoor game and so there should be a game that allows the players to have fun even when they’re indoors. A foosball table is one such game that is perfect for soccer fans. It’s an exciting game that will make them yearn for a real soccer match.

The foosball table will allow you to take on the whole family or friends, leaving you with a great party game. See the item here.

Soccer Hover Ball

Hover balls are thoughtful soccer gift ideas for boys. They’re not just fun to play with, they’re also great for enhancing your child’s hand-eye coordination. This is why the soccer hover ball is such a popular fan gift. It’s not just fun to watch, it is fun to play as well. See the item here.

Stadium Building Blocks

Is your kid a fan of the sport? Then, he or she will love these stadium building blocks. These blocks come in the shape of a miniature soccer stadium, allowing a child to build his or her own stadium. This comes with every bit of detail that your child would want in a real stadium. See the item here.

Solo Soccer Trainer

Soccer can be very competitive and not everyone is a natural at it. But there are some who have lots of dedication, leading them to become great players. This is why the solo soccer trainer is such a fun gift for your child. It’s a training device that is designed to help you get your child ready for a real soccer match. See the item here.

Gear Bag

When your teenage daughter, son, or husband is a soccer player, they will need a lot of gear. The gear bag is sure to come in handy during all soccer practices and matches. The bag is spacious enough to store all of his or her gear, making it easy for him or her to find what is needed. See the item here.

Soccer Pint Glass

Your soccer fan may be a big drinker, and that’s okay. This soccer pint glass is a great way to show off your fandom. The glass has a fun and stylish design that is perfect for your favorite soccer star. See the item here.

Soccer Design Bean Bag Chair

Have you been searching for a great gift? Then, this is it! The soccer design bean bag chair is a great way to show your support for the sport. Featuring the same design as the soccer ball, this is sure to be perfect for your favorite player.

When they sit on it, they will feel like they’re on the field, ready to play the game. See the item here.

Soccer Mouse Pad

A soccer mouse pad is a great gift for any soccer fan, whether they’re a professional player or an amateur one. The mouse pad has a stylish and modern look that will match any computer setup. It’s sure to get him or her excited when they see it. See the item here.

Soccer Whiskey Stones

Have you seen reusable ice cubes? They’re a great way to cool down a beverage, but they can also be used for food. The soccer whiskey stones are just like reusable ice cubes, except that they come in the design of a soccer ball.

The soccer whiskey stones will be a great addition to your favorite soccer fan’s bar setup. Whenever he or she has guests over, they will be glad you got them the soccer whiskey stones. See the item here.

Soccer Flask Gift Set

Is it time for a soccer fan to celebrate? Then, this gift set is the perfect way to do that. This gift set contains a stainless steel flask and shot glasses. The flask will be a great way to show the soccer fan that you care, while the shot glasses will allow them to share a drink with friends.

The flask can hold up to 10 ounces of whatever the soccer fan wants to drink. Moreover, it can be personalized with a name or initial, making it the perfect gift. See the item here.

Paint Your Own Soccer Ball Lamp Kit

If your favorite soccer fan is a fan of painting, then this gift set is sure to be the perfect one for her or him. It includes everything that your child needs to paint his or her own soccer ball.

The kit contains pre-mixed paint in the color of the soccer ball, so your child can use it to create his or her artwork. There are also some paint sticks included, which will help your child create it more easily. See the item here.

Soccer Night Light

Night lights are so much more than just lights. They are also great pieces of decoration that can help you add a touch of beauty to a room. This soccer night light is sure to be the perfect gift for your child.

The night light has a great design of a soccer player kicking a ball and it can be personalized with a name, making it the perfect gift for your soccer fan. See the item here.

Ceramic Soccer Mug

Ceramic mugs make fantastic gifts, especially for a soccer fan. These soccer themed gifts are sure to be a hit with sports fans. The cups are made from ceramic and have the exact design of a soccer ball, allowing your favorite athlete to use it as a cup for his or her beverages. See the item here.

Kids Sports Water Bottle

When looking for soccer fan gifts, there are some that are better than others. The sports water bottle is the size of a regular water bottle but has a design that is meant to make your favorite athlete’s day.

It comes with a fun and stylish design that is sure to catch the eye of your favorite player. Moreover, it is made from durable plastic and has a lid that makes it easy to drink from. See the item here.

Alex and Ani Collaborations Expandable Bangle

When it comes to great gifts for soccer fans, there are no better than Alex and Ani’s collaborations. This expandable bangle is just one of the many gifts that this company has released. It’s known for featuring unique and fashionable pieces.

This bangle has a fun and stylish design that is sure to be the perfect accessory for your favorite soccer player. It’s made from non-precious metal, making it the perfect choice for someone who is looking for a gift that isn’t too expensive. See the item here.

Adidas Men’s Samba Classic

Show your favorite player how much you care by getting them this wonderful gift. The Adidas Samba Classic is a shoe that is made to last. It’s crafted from high-quality leather and has the perfect design that makes it look just like the real thing. See the item here.

Soccer Field – Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser

Where there are great gifts for soccer fans, there are also awesome puzzles. Solve this wooden puzzle to reveal the soccer field. This is the perfect gift for your child, as it is both fun and educational. Moreover, it features a challenging design that will have your child’s brain powers working overtime. See the item here.

The Club

This club is a comprehensive story of how the English premier league became one of the richest and most popular leagues in the world. This gift will certainly pack a punch. It will include numerous pictures and give the reader an incredible look into the world of soccer. See the item here.

Soccer Ball for Dogs

Is your loved one a dog lover? If so, then this gift is perfect for her or him. The soccer ball for dogs is a great way to play with your dog and have fun. It will also provide some exercise for your dog and isn’t too hard on their teeth.

The ball is made from soft foam and features the exact design of a football, only smaller. The design will allow your dog to play soccer with you, something that they’re almost sure to love. See the item here.

Mini Soccer Goal Set

Help your child to express his or her love for soccer by getting this wonderful gift. It comes with everything that your child might need in order to play soccer. It includes a mini-soccer goal and mini-soccer balls and an inflation pump, so your child can get the ball ready to play. See the item here.

Basics Outdoor Soccer Goal

If your favorite player wants to play soccer outside, then get them this gift. The soccer goal will provide hours of entertainment for him or her. It is constructed from durable materials, making it the perfect choice for your favorite player’s birthday. See the item here.


Finding the perfect soccer fan gifts can be difficult. However, with these ideas, you’re sure to find the best gift for your favorite player. With a soccer themed gift, you’ll surely be giving your favorite player a great present that they are sure to love.