15 Impressive Gifts That Start With The Letter I

gifts that start with I

In the last few years, gift-giving has evolved into something more and more personal than just getting a new shirt or pen. The list of things to buy online grows by the day with personalized options that provide presents that are truly unique and all your own. These gifts that start with I are for individuals who wish to give an impressionable person in their life an experience they will never forget.

Ice Cream Maker

If you have an ice cream maker, then by all means use it. If you don’t, perhaps consider getting one to give as the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. And in case you are wondering why there are no ice cream makers listed here I personally think of it as a reminder that people just don’t like frozen desserts. No matter how good they’re made. See the item here.

Icing Cake Decorating Set

One of the most popular trends in baking is to decorate cakes. Icing decorations are the perfect gifts for cake decorators and aspiring bakers alike. These sets come with everything you need to make detailed and beautiful designs. Make sure you choose a design that is best for your giftee’s skill level or be prepared to help them out! See the item here.

Ink Pen

If you’re looking for a simple gift that will make a lasting impression, the ink pen is it. Perhaps the most overlooked of gifts, this is a present that people won’t stop thanking you for. Whether it’s for a professional or someone who is just starting their career, this is the perfect way to acknowledge their hard work. See the item here.

“I Love You” Gift Box

This is a gift that will never be forgotten because it’s so simple. Gift cards are great, but they can be lost and forgotten in the box under the tree. With the I love you gift box, you can personalize and make sure that your recipients won’t forget. These boxes usually come with two sets of them so you can present two sets of words associated with each romantic gesture. See the item here.


The iPad is the most popular tablet in America and you know that your budget-minded friend or family member needs to upgrade if they can. Fortunately, this is an upgrade that’s not expensive and it’s sure to be a present that will be remembered. I personally want to see everyone carrying the iPad next to their head in the future. See the item here.

Instax Mini Camera

A classic camera that can instantly print photographs is one of the most sentimental gifts out there. This is the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, and all kinds of friends who have always been into photography. With a whole world of instant pictures, these cameras serve as a reminder to seize the moment and make every second count. See the item here.

Incense Sticks

Just smelling something that you like can transport you to another place. Incense is a great way to relax, meditate, sleep, or simply create a cozy atmosphere. I personally love the smell of burning wood or even latex gloves. If that’s your thing then buy some and make others happy today. See the item here.

Inflatable Lounger

An inflatable lounger is a fun and versatile way of relaxing outside. They’re also incredibly easy to take with you on excursions or camping trips. It is a perfect gift for a friend who is always on the go. Buying this gift can be a fun experience for the buyer and the person it is for. They can choose their color and material preference before blowing it up and relaxing! See the item here.

I Was Here: A Travel Journal

A travel journal is a lasting gift because it gives the recipient an opportunity to reflect on the past while they look forward to the future. Even if you’re not heading out of town, this is an excellent present for people who enjoy long walks and daydreaming. It ‘s a special place where you can write down your feelings and thoughts as trophies for the future. See the item here.

Immersion Blender

If you want to give the best gift for someone who loves baking, then buy them the immersion blender. This is a device that makes cooking in a hurry easy and hassle free. This is perfect for people who are always forgetting things or trying to cut down on their kitchen space. Make your friends and relatives happy today with this present and they will be thanking you every day. See the item here.

Indoor Insect Trap

An indoor insect trap is an innovative way of keeping insects out of your house and off of your food. This is a great gift for someone who is trying to eat healthier, or someone who just doesn’t want to see any bugs anywhere in their home. See the item here.


This as another gift for those who like designing books and telling stories. Illustory can help anyone tell a story or create artistry with illustrations. This gift combines all the fun of art and creativity with the convenience of a digital format. See the item here.

Indicolite Ring

Light-up rings are becoming increasingly popular. They look good, perform great and make a real statement as a gift. This is one of the most memorable gifts this year, so get inspired and get your hands on one of these fantastic items. See the item here.

I Feel That A quote collection for all the feels

This is a journal where you can write down all the feelings that come to you and make it personal. For those who love to share emotions, this is a gift that will be treasured for years. See the item here.

I’m This Many Old! Personalized Kids Tee

If you’re looking for a gift that will give you the best value, this is it. Every time your friend or family wears this shirt , they can think about how great it is to get older every year. Buy one for yourself and one for your parents as well and you’ll never forget the special moments that make life great. See the item here.


So there you have it- 15 great ways to give the perfect gift that start with I this year. With all of these gifts on this list, you should be able to find something that they’ll love. As we mentioned, some people prefer practical gifts and some people love new gadgets. All of these gift ideas are unique and different enough to please everyone.