23 Fantastic Gifts Starting With The Letter F

The holidays are a time for presents. People love the idea of giving gifts to those they care about and watching their loved one’s eyes light up with excitement.

There is a good chance that some of your friends and family might have thought of you as someone who knows them well enough to know exactly what they do or like, but as you’re browsing through stores, it’s easy to think of gift giving to get overwhelming quickly.

Instead of shopping around trying to find something perfect, why not give someone a gift that speaks more about yourself? Check out these 23 Fantastic gifts that start with f, sure to make anyone smile!

Fantastic Gifts That Start With F

Fire Table

This fire table doesn’t look like it could work, but its beauty lies in the creative design of the whole thing and how it works. Instead of a flame that burns, this table has a glass burner tray filled with a kindling-like substance. The substance is absorbing the heat from the flame and thus being released through your glass table top.

The air will be heated to about 500 degrees, making it feel like you’re sitting in front of a roaring fire! This is an excellent gift for people because it gives them something creative to do and look forward to during those cold winter nights. See the item here.

Family Pajamas

Sometimes it’s nice to put on a cozy and familiar pair of pajamas, especially if you have great memories. You may have enjoyed wearing pajamas as a child or with your partner in your childhood, so why not make it a tradition for the next generation?

These old-fashioned pajamas are made from soft cotton and look just like the ones you wore as an infant or child, complete with buttons down the front! They’re almost as comfortable to wear, but you’ll feel all of these warm childhood memories around you as soon as you slip into them! This is how a family can make heartfelt memories together. See the item here.

Foosball Table

Most people like to play games and foosball is becoming a very popular. It’s a good way to relieve stress, and it’s one of those games you can play with the whole family.

This is why the foosball table is a great present for the holidays! This isn’t just any ordinary foosball table, and it comes with some modern modifications that make it stand out from other models.

It has been designed with a wooden finish and stainless steel trimming, giving it an elegant look and more durable than cheaper models. See the item here.

Fire Station Playset

Take your child’s imagination to the next level with this fantastic playset. It has a fire engine, four firefighters, and a collapsible fire station. The best part is that it’s compatible with other leading brands of wooden train sets!

This is an excellent gift for children aged three and up due to small parts being present, and it helps them improve their imagination by allowing them to connect the dots from real life to the fantasy world they create inside their heads. See the item here.

First Edition Book Cover Art

Sometimes it’s fun to feel like you’re a part of history. This gift is great for bibliophiles and lovers of art because it allows you to be a part of the original story.

It comes with Harry Potter first edition books, which are covered with custom book cover art created by an artist out of the United Kingdom.

The artist uses acrylics and oil paints on top of heavy paper stock and then puts a protective varnish on top so that your book cover can be touched without smudging the paint. See the item here.


Ferragamo’s F perfume is a scent of fresh air and the perfect signature fragrance for girls during their teenage years. The fragrance is the perfect mix of citrus notes, floral notes, fruity notes, and sensual musk.

This gift is not only a great gift for yourself but can also be given to your female friends as a sign of love and acknowledgment toward them.

This is because it makes them feel special by giving them an authentic piece of art hand-crafted by an artist from Ferragamo’s artisanship division. See the item here.

Fondue Pot Set

Fondue is a delicious combination of melted cheese, wine, and spices. This tasty dish can be served in rolls or as a side dish, depending on how much you make.

You can also use this as a centerpiece for your next party; people will surely love it! This set comes with everything you need to make your first fondue – the pot, wooden spoons, wooden forks, and a napkin to keep your hands clean. It’s definitely a gift that people won’t say no to! See the item here.

Fire Tablet

Most tablets nowadays come with a smartphone, but this differs from the rest. It allows you to use your tablet as a virtual book to bring all your favorite stories with you everywhere you go!

It also comes with a stylus, making it easy for people to write on their tablets and not worry about getting fingerprints all over their screens.

The best part about this tablet is that it’s only $29.99, which is a fantastic deal for something that can be used to read ebooks, listen to music and watch videos! See the item here.


This feeder is a good gift for people who love to fish or just love the sound of water splashing. This feeder has a heavy-duty base that allows you to place it on smooth surfaces like your table or countertop. It’s made from a very sturdy plastic that is non-toxic and features an acrylic frame. It can accommodate up to four inches of food, but it will most likely be filled with seed, making it very easy to refill. See the item here.

Faux Fur

This faux fur has a realistic look that would be the perfect gift for any lady. It makes you look like you’ve just bought a new fur coat from an expensive boutique, but it doesn’t cost as much and is much more durable.

The faux fur is 100% polyester in construction, making it lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to clean. Faux fur is also known to keep you warm even when the weather outside is cold because it can block out the wind and trap your body’s heat.

If you live in a state where it gets very cold during the winter months, this would be a great extra layer of clothing to have on hand. See the item here.

Frozen Drink Machine

This frozen drink machine allows you to make everything from ice cream drinks to fruity cocktails. It’s easy to use and comes with a recipe booklet so that you can start making your own delicious drinks immediately.

All you need is some ice, a can of your favorite soda or juice, and one of the mixers provided in the recipe booklet.

This gift is compact enough to be placed on your kitchen countertop and can be used by all your family members! See the item here.

French Fry Purse

This French Fry Purse has a very authentic look and is made from neoprene, making it lightweight and easy to carry. Inside its interior are two mesh pockets that can be used to keep your money or credit cards while you’re out shopping or even at the beach.

The best part about this gift is that it’s fully lined with neoprene fabric, so no one will have to worry about spilling anything on their clothes because it’s been specially designed to hold liquids inside so that nothing gets spilled in the first place! See the item here.

Football Fan Gear

This football fan gear set is great for the future football star in your family. It comes with a football, a cheerleader figurine, and a ball pump.

The best part about this gift is that it’s compatible with other leading brands of wooden train sets worldwide!

There are six colors to choose from so that people can personalize their gift even further and make it unique to them. See the item here.

Friends TV Series Games

This classic game comes with all the original characters from Friends, so you can have fun playing games with your family. The best part about this game is that it can be used to play a variety of different games including Backgammon, Tic-Tac-Toe, and even Rock Paper Scissors!

This gift is great for people who aren’t interested in the more serious versions of chess and have very little time on their hands because they can be played while watching TV. See the item here.

Frog Blankets

These frog blankets are perfect for young children that you know are going to love them. These squishy-soft 100% cotton blankets come in two designs – one with a frog and the other with a flower.

They’re made from super soft fabrics that won’t cause any harm to the skin of your child, and it’s machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty at all. This gift is great for kids because it allows them to pretend that they have their pets since most of them come with squeaky sounds that can be activated by pressing the tail or head. See the item here.

Fart Candle

This funny gift is perfect for anyone with a great sense of humor. It’s an ideal gift for spouses and friends because it’s the perfect conversation starter!

This fart candle can make it seem like you’re in an elevator filled with people passing gas or you’re underneath a group of people who have just eaten their favorite foods. See the item here.

Fishing Storage

This fishing storage will keep all of your fishing rods organized and make it easier for you to find the one that you want.

It’s made from a durable plastic material and the hooks are stainless steel, so they won’t rust over time. This gift is great for people who commonly go fishing because it’ll help them to organize their tackle box, which can be very cluttered in just a few months of regular use. See the item here.

Forensics Kits

These forensics kits are great for people who love to solve crimes because they come with all sorts of different tools that can be used to analyze evidence.

There are ten tools, including a V-shaped divider, tweezers, and fingerprint duster.

You’ll also receive a black carrying case which will make it very easy to transport your tools and equipment so that you can bring them anywhere you need. See the item here.

Fuzzy Keychain

This adorable fuzzy keychain is perfect for anyone who works in an office and has to endure a lot of stress. It’s made from acrylic yarn, a soft material that won’t cause any harm to the skin or clothing if it gets tangled in something.

The best part about this gift is that it’s 100% handmade, so there will be small differences between each bag, making it unique and special. See the item here.

Foot Care Kit

This foot care kit is ideal for people who regularly have to travel. The best part about this gift is that it has everything anyone could need to care for their feet! This kit contains eight tools, including a nail file, an emery board, and a pumice stone. It even comes with a plastic jar to keep all your tools in one place and prevent them from getting lost. See the item here.

Fidget Toys

This gift is unique, fun, and easy to transport, so all the people in your family who have trouble sitting still will love it! Fidget toys are a great gift for kids and adults because they’re small enough that you can take them any place you go. They’re also quite fun to play with; they make your work more enjoyable or even help you concentrate better. See the item here.

Fort Building Kit

This fort-building kit is great for people who love playing outside. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to have a place to escape from the world and go hiking in the woods. This kit consists of five pieces made from durable materials so they’ll hold up well over time. It comes with a wooden staircase, dirt walls, and grass so you can make it your own. See the item here.

Feather Tickler

This feather tickler is perfect for anyone who can’t live without their feather pillows. It’s made of soft material that won’t leave a scratch on your pillows, and it has a handle so that you can easily remove it without getting your hands messy. It’s also 100% biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment using the feather tickler. See the item here.


Everybody loves gifts and giving gifts, but not everybody knows how to buy the right one for their loved ones. Buying a gift for someone can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to get them.

If you feel like you need some inspiration, this list has everything you’ll need; if your loved one is a collector or just likes to have a variety of mini things on his shelves, then this list is perfect for them. Many of these items are also great for children because they’re easy to transport and play with, making them great toys.