30 Funny Travel Gifts for Travel Lovers That They’ll Actually Use

Funny Travel Gifts for Travel Lovers

Traveling is loaded with fun and adventures that you can’t find anywhere else. Do you have that one person on your gift list who is always up for adventure, whether it’s a solo journey, an adventure with friends, or even a weekend getaway? If so, you don’t need to worry about finding the perfect funny travel gifts for her or him; we’ve already done the legwork for you.

Here are 30 gift ideas for travel lovers that will help them on their adventures:

Care Lip Balm

One of the best funny travel gifts for friends and family is something that was very likely purchased at a local rest stop. If they aren’t traveling with toiletries, they’re probably carrying these around in their purse or luggage. This travel essential is essential for a clean, healthy smile.

Travel-Size Laundry Bag

When your loved one is traveling, they’re bound to get their clothes dirty. Where do they keep the dirty laundry while they’re traveling? This travel-size laundry bag is a cute and funny travel gift that’s not only practical, but it’s also reusable!

The travel-size laundry bag is perfect for keeping dirty clothes away from clean ones and your loved one can take it on the road with them, and use it when they’re backpacking or camping.

Pad Packing List Notepad

If your loved one is going to be traveling soon, they’ll need to make sure they have everything packed, from clothes to electronics and toiletries. This makes the pad packing list notepad a funny travel gift to help them organize their bag and stay on top of packing everything.

Your loved one can simply write down what’s in their bag so when they arrive, they know where everything is. Moreover, they don’t have to worry about having to remember everything, their pad packing list notepad is there for them as it reminds them what they need.

Mini Extra Smooth Razors for Women

The Mini Extra Smooth razors for women can be another funny travel gift to give if your loved one is going on a business trip or holiday with her friends. These mini extra smooth razors are perfect for traveling and are small enough that they’ll easily fit in your handbag.

While your loved one is out traveling, she doesn’t have to worry about pulling out a full-size razor, they’ll still have the mini extra smooth razors on hand. She’ll be able to shave her legs on the road and feel confident about her look.

Public Toilet Survival Kit

The public toilet survival kit is a funny travel gift that’s a must-have for any frequent traveler. This gift set comes with all the essentials and can be placed in your loved one’s luggage or purse.

This gift set includes toilet paper, a toilet seat cover, a cleansing wipe, and gloves. These essentials will help the recipient feel more confident when they’re experiencing travel emergencies in public restrooms.

Wi-Fi Range Extender

If your loved one is traveling alone or is on a solo road trip, they’ll need to be able to stay connected and still have their privacy. With a Wi-Fi range extender, they can stay connected to their friends and family back home.

With the Wi-Fi range extender, they’ll be able to stay in touch with their friends, family, and coworkers while on their solo travel experiences.

Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

The Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife is the perfect funny travel gift for friends who like to travel. It looks like a small Swiss Army knife, but it’s much more serious, with a blade and all the tools that you need for your road trip as well as other adventures.

It’s small, but has a lot of strength and is perfect for those outdoor adventures that your loved one may have planned. This pocket knife makes the perfect gift for any traveler out there.

UNO Card Game

When traveling, we all need a little fun to get us through the trip. This is where the UNO card game comes into play. The UNO card game is fun and allows your loved one to spend time with their friends, be it a family member or friend.

This card game also helps break up the monotony that can come with traveling and makes it more fun and entertaining.

Tote Leather Handbags

For women who are always on the go, a tote leather handbag is a great choice as it’s both functional and stylish. With this leather handbag, your loved one will be able to carry everything they need for the day and look great doing it.

Most travelers carry a lot of essentials on a day-to-day basis, but there are times when they’ll want to carry even more. This is where tote leather handbags can come in handy by allowing for more storage.

Mini Travel Coffee Maker Organizer

For those who like to travel with their morning coffee, they’ll need to make sure they have a light and compact travel coffee maker. This mini travel coffee maker organizer fits in most backpacks and is perfect for small spaces.

Buckle Coin Purses

Coin purses are the perfect funny travel gifts for ladies as they allow them to carry cash and coins together in one handy and compact place. These buckle coin purses are fashionable and multipurpose, giving them a unique look that’s unlike many other wallets.

Luggage Scale

At the airport, luggage scales can be a nightmare. This makes the luggage scale one of the excellent gift ideas for travel lovers as they’ll be able to track the weight of their luggage and adjust it as needed.

The luggage scale makes an excellent gift for frequent travelers who may have oversized suitcases or those who want to make sure they’re not overpacking when it comes to luggage weight.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Are you in search of travel gifts for dad? Check out this anti-fatigue mat. This mat is perfect for those travelers who find themselves standing a lot while they’re on the go. This mat is perfect for keeping the feet from hurting and being tired.

This anti-fatigue mat is a great gift for travelers who are on the move all day and will keep their feet feeling great.

Waterproof, Durable & Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Another one of the best funny travel gifts is this waterproof, durable, and portable Bluetooth speaker. This portable Bluetooth speaker is perfect as it’s waterproof and fits in your pocket.

The best part of this Bluetooth speaker is that it can stream music from your phone to the speaker, so you don’t miss a beat while getting around.

Makeup Remover Facial Cleansing Towelette Singles

For anyone who loves makeup, this makeup remover facial cleansing towelette singles is a perfect gift for them. These towelettes work well for removing makeup and keeping your face clean as they head to sleep.

These towelettes are soft and gentle, perfect for keeping your skin protected while they travel.

Head-to-Toe Moisturizing Essentials Set

This head-to-toe moisturizing essentials set comes with everything your loved one needs for their face, body, and even hair. This gift set has coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and other great items to keep your loved one’s skin soft and smooth.

This gift set is perfect for those who have dry skin and will help them with their dry skin while they travel.

First Aid Only

The First Aid Only is a great funny travel gift for those travelers who are in need of a first aid kit. This kit is meant to help with minor injuries and can have everything a person needs.

They’ll be able to treat their own small injuries while on the go and will feel more confident that they can handle themselves if they need first aid.

Tide Travel Sink Packets

The tide travel sink packets are perfect for those who travel often. These travel sink packets allow your loved one to do some cleaning on the go. This detergent is perfect for laundering their clothes and will keep them clean while they travel.

This detergent is water-soluble, so they won’t need to worry about reserves or having a separate bottle of detergent to transport.

Map of the World

This travel map gift set is perfect for those who love to travel. This map shows the world, with all its regions and countries, so they’ll be able to keep track of every trip they take. This map is a great gift idea for any traveler and can help them get around in new places.

Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

For a simple, yet effective travel gift, check out this antiperspirant deodorant stick. This deodorant stick is perfect for those who are traveling and need a way to keep their underarms and body fresh.

This gift will help keep your loved one’s body smelling good, which can be hard when traveling all day.

Luggage Lock

Luggage security is one of the best benefits of the retractable luggage lock. This travel lock will help your loved one’s luggage from being stolen or damaged. It helps to keep your luggage from being lost or broken and is a great gift for frequent travelers.

Travel Size Face Mask

The travel size face mask is perfect for anyone who travels often. It helps to keep the skin’s oils and dirt from clogging the pores and causing breakouts while they travel. These reusable masks are meant to help with dry skin, oily skin, blackheads, and more.

This product is perfect for daily use or while traveling. It’s super practical and will help your loved one with their skin while they travel.

Floating Waterproof Smartphone

Snorkeling, snorkeling, and more traveling? The floating waterproof smartphone can help your loved one enjoy every adventure they take. This waterproof smartphone allows them to take videos, take pictures, and navigate their way around.

This smartphone also floats, so they’ll have no fear of losing it while they travel.

Comfort Eye Mask

Comfort eye masks are perfect for sleeping on airplanes. These sleep masks help to block out the light and allow your loved one to get a good night’s sleep while they travel. They’re made with comfortable and breathable material, so they can sleep peacefully on their next trip.

In addition, the eye mask helps to reduce strain, so your loved one will have their eyes wide open and ready to see whatever their next stop might be. They’re also a great gift for keeping the light out while they’re sleeping in hotels or at their destination.

Portable Travel Neck Pillow

The portable travel neck pillow is a great travel gift for anyone who travels often. This pillow acts as a neck support and helps to keep your loved one’s head comfortable while they’re flying. This simple pillow will ensure your loved one’s neck isn’t hurting while they travel.

No one wishes to suffer through a long night of sleeping, so this travel pillow is perfect for anyone who travels often.

New York Luggage Tag 3-D

This luggage tag is one of the best travel gifts for travelers. The New York Luggage Tag 3-D has a cool design, but will also make your loved one’s luggage stand out from the rest. It’s perfect for those who have a hard time pulling all their bags together, and it comes with a little luggage tag as well.

This luggage tag can act as an ID tag as well, and help to keep your loved one’s bag safe in the case of theft or loss.

The Travel Book

Every traveler needs some inspiration, so they’ll love this travel book. The Travel Book is filled with helpful information and tips on traveling the world. This gift is a perfect way to help inspire your loved one to travel more.

They’ll be able to have all the information they need in one place, perfect for when they’re looking to plan their next trip or need help navigating a new area.

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

The carry-on cocktail kit is a great gift for any travelers who have a taste for cocktails. This kit contains all of the ingredients your loved one would need to make their own cocktails in their hotel room or even on the airplane.

This gift will allow them to travel with their favorite cocktail drinks and have fun making their own cocktails.

Pacsafe Venturesafe Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

The Pacsafe Venturesafe Anti-Theft Travel Backpack is one of the best gifts for travelers. This bag provides a lot of security features and is perfect for those who want their belongings to be safe, even while they’re traveling.

The backpack has a Pacsafe Venturesafe locking system that fits easily onto the backpack and secures it tightly. This lock has a built-in alarm that will alert the owner if their backpack is taken.

Portable Charger

Imagine traveling without your phone; it’s simply not possible. Luckily, with a portable charger, it’s not a problem. This portable charger is perfect for those who need to charge up their phone while they’re traveling. It’ll recharge their smartphone quickly and easily.

This gift is a great way to ensure that your loved one’s phone will last them as long as they need it.


These funny travel gifts are perfect for any traveler. All of the gifts are practical and will help your loved one travel without any trouble. They’re also a lot of fun to give, so it’ll be easy to impress your loved one with a useful, but funny gift.