20 Funny Pineapple Gifts for Pineapple Lovers

funny pineapple pifts

20 Funny Pineapple Gifts

Pineapples are wonderful fruits. The versatile fruit can be enjoyed as a fruit salad, pineapple upside-down cake, pineapple tarts, and more. This makes pineapple gifts for pineapple lovers a wide-ranging category.

To help you narrow down your pineapple gift choices, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 20 funny pineapple gifts for that pineapple lover in your life.

Ceramic Golden Pineapple Decor

In the recent past, most people are adopting various home decor trends to make their homes more beautiful. For the pineapple lover in your life, the ceramic golden pineapple decor will serve as a great addition to the home and be a focal point for the living room, kitchen, or even the dining area.

The ceramic golden pineapple decor is a handmade item that can be customized to any color. You can choose from golden, black, or white pineapple decor depending on your loved one’s home interior theme. Make sure that the decor compliments their color scheme, style. See this item here.

Pineapple Shaped Baking Pan

Does your loved one love baking pineapple-flavored cakes? Why not get them the pineapple-shaped baking pan to bake their pineapple cakes? The baking pan is a great gift as it will not only help reduce their time-consuming pineapple cake preparations, but it will also make the cooking process more fun and enjoyable.

The pineapple cake pan is made from aluminum alloy, is non-stick and durable. The pan will help your loved one make pineapple-themed cakes and pastries easily. See this item here.

Pineapple Wall Decor

Did you know that pineapple themed gifts can be used to decorate your loved one’s home? The pineapple wall decor can offer them a lot of options to customize their home. Pineapple wall decor is a great way to embellish your loved one’s home with an appealing and unique pineapple theme.

The pineapple wall decor is a great pineapple housewarming gift that will help your loved ones to add an incredible pineapple theme to their home. The decorative pineapples come in various sizes and colors. Therefore, choose the pineapple wall decor that best fits your loved one’s preferences. See this item here.

Rainbow Pineapple Air Plant Holder

Air plants are perhaps the most versatile type of plants. They are easy to maintain, are compatible with a variety of environments, and can be planted in various types of containers. This makes the rainbow pineapple air plant holder among the cute pineapple gifts you can get for your pineapple lover.

The rainbow pineapple air plant holder is a decorative item that can be placed in the bathroom, on your loved one’s desk, and on their kitchen countertops. To make the gift meaningful, make sure to purchase it with air plants that are colorful and healthy. See this item here.

“Pineapple” Print Ties

Seeing your boyfriend, husband, or favorite male colleague wearing a tie is always a great sight. However, if they love the pineapple fruit, you should consider getting the pineapple print tie for them. This is a tie that has pineapple prints on it.

These ties are the perfect pineapple gifts for him as they are masculine and stylish. The ties are comfortable and can be worn on any casual occasion or at work. If they prefer bowties, you can opt for pineapple print bow ties. See this item here.

Pineapple Citrine Rings

If your girl genuinely loves pineapples, you could surprise them with a ring that will sweep them off their feet. The pineapple citrine rings are among the best pineapple gifts for girls, teens, or women.

They are made from 925 sterling silver with a beautiful pineapple-cut design. The rings are also very light and adjustable, which means that they will not cause any irritation or discomfort. Since the rings are made from sterling silver, they will be durable and fashionable – two qualities that will make them a great pineapple gifts for your loved ones. See this item here.

Pineapple Candle

Most pineapple stuff looks great on display. This is truer for the pineapple candle. Pineapple candles are generally made from a variety of materials such as soy and beeswax.

The candles resemble a ripe pineapple and offer a sweet aroma that most pineapple lovers will love. The candles are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so they can be handy additions to the home or office. They are unique pineapple gifts that any pineapple lover will appreciate. See this item here.

Pineapple Rock Glass

If you have a lady who is both a wine and pineapple lover, these pineapple rock glasses will be a perfect gift. The glasses have a round body and are made of glass. The glasses are engraved with pineapple prints.

The glasses can hold 17 oz. of beverage. This makes them a very practical gift that your loved ones will find useful in the kitchen, at work, or at their patio. Amazingly, these glasses are dishwasher and microwave safe. Therefore, they are a cool and unique pineapple gifts for her. See this item here.

Pineapple Jewellery Suit

For every wardrobe, there should be a number of pieces to make it complete. For the woman that loves pineapple, this pineapple jewelry suit will complete their wardrobe. The suit features a necklace, a pair of earrings, and matching rings.

These particular pineapple gifts for women are a great addition to the jewelry collection. They help to accentuate your loved one’s looks and can be worn to any occasion. The necklace, earrings, and rings come with a pineapple pendant, which is a great additional piece.

The yellow-gold pineapple jewelry set will act as a pop of color to your loved one’s wardrobe and can be worn for many different occasions. See this item here.

Pineapple Fruit Shape Shoulder Bag

When going for a walk or going to a party, we always need a shoulder bag. This pineapple fruit shape shoulder bag is attractive and sweet. It will be both a practical and fashionable accessory for your loved one.

The pineapple fruit shape shoulder bag is made from PU leather and has a very long strap. This makes the bag an ideal handbag for both short and long hands. The pineapple-shaped bag can fit a wide range of items such as phones, wallets, and keys.

Moreover, the bags are suitable for ladies of all ages. The shoulder bag is a stylish and cute pineapple gifts for her. See this item here.

Pineapple Pencil Holder

Having a well-organized desk means that your loved one will be able to focus on their work. This pineapple pencil holder does just that. The pineapple pencil holders are designed to minimize the mess in your loved one’s office.

The ceramic pencil holder features a cute pineapple pattern and is a great addition to their office desk. Teachers can particularly benefit from the pineapple pencil holders. This makes them thoughtful pineapple teacher gifts that your favorite teacher will find very useful. See this item here.

Pineapple Shaped String Lights

String lights can be used to bring your loved one’s home to life. The pineapple-shaped string lights are among the most adorable pineapple gifts for her and him. It can be a good housewarming gift for your loved one’s new home.

The pineapple string lights are equipped with a set of 10 yellow LED lights. Therefore, they can be used to illuminate your rooms and bring an exciting atmosphere. For the string lights to work, you will have to attach 3 AA batteries to them.

The pineapple-shaped string lights are a great addition to the decor of a room. They offer an artistic look and can be used in different rooms of your recipient’s home. See this item here.

Pineapple Ceramic Jewelry Dish Tray

Jewelry is expensive and prone to damage. This is why it is important to store them in a safe way. This pineapple jewelry dish tray will protect your loved one’s jewelry and keep them from losing their worth.

The white ceramic jewelry dish tray resembles a pineapple and can be used to store a variety of jewelry. The tray has a smooth surface and can be used to store rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. This means that the tray can serve as a decoration, too. See this item here.

Colorful Rainbow Crossbody Bag

Is your little princess obsessed with all things pineapple? If so, this colorful rainbow crossbody bag will be her favorite pineapple gift. The crossbody bag is made from silicone and features a bright rainbow of colors.

The crossbody bag is very convenient, as it is small and lightweight. Therefore, it will be easy for your loved one to carry. The bag also features a detachable strap, so it can be used as both a crossbody and wristlet.

This bag will be a perfect gift for your loved one’s trips to the mall, park, and other everyday activities. See this item here.

Summer Pineapple Headband

During a beach or birthday party, the girl of the moment will always want to look her best. For this reason, she will want to apply make up and dress up in the coolest things.

The summer pineapple headband is among the funny pineapple gifts that will complete your loved one’s cool outfit. This pineapple headband is made from plastic with a combination of various colors. The headband is a perfect summer accessory to wear. See this item here.

Pineapple Baseball Cap

When choosing pineapple gifts for your man, you may want to consider this pineapple baseball cap. The baseball cap is a perfect choice as it allows you to show off your man’s love for pineapples.

The pineapple baseball cap is made from cotton and has a pineapple print with a customized message. It is an ideal gift for your loved one if they enjoy spending time outdoors. The cap will keep your loved one’s head and ears warm in cold climates.

In addition, the cap is adjustable so your recipient can adjust the size according to their needs. They can also wash the baseball cap in the washing machine or by hand. See this item here.

Crystal Pineapple Coasters

A coffee table is a practical addition to any living space. It allows you to put your food and drinks without making stains on the floor. This crystal pineapple coaster set will help your loved one’s coffee table stay clean and beautiful.

The crystal pineapple coasters are pineapple accessories that can be used to add a touch of elegance to your loved one’s home. The decorative pineapple coasters are made from glass and feature a beautiful pineapple design.

The coasters are round in shape and have a diameter of 3.5 inches. This will allow them to be used as both table decorations and coaster covers. Therefore, your loved one can enjoy their drinks on a nice decorative coaster instead of their floor. See this item here.

Colorful Pineapple Super Soft Flannel Blanket

The next time you go on a camping trip with your loved one, they will be able to enjoy this pineapple print blanket. The super soft flannel blanket is soft and comfortable. It will bring a cheerful atmosphere to their tent.

The flannel blanket is made from flannel material and features a colorful pineapple print. The colors look great with each other. For the blanket to be as soft and breathable as possible, it has been made without any filling.

The flannel blanket can be machine washed. Therefore, it can be used year after year and does not need to be ironed. See this item here.

“Pineapple” Print Makeup Bag

When you go to a party, there are a lot of things that you have to bring. The makeup bag is one of them. Makeup bags come in various shapes and sizes. However, they are not always functional and elegant in appearance. This “Pineapple” print makeup bag will be a great gift for your loved one.

The makeup bag is made from PU leather. It is designed as a small, rectangular clutch bag with a pineapple print. The bag features a pouch on the inside for storing and organizing makeup. See this item here.

Lavish Nest Pineapple Basket

When searching for pineapple gifts, you may want to consider this pineapple gift basket. The gift basket is a perfect choice if your loved one needs help with their decor. In addition, the basket can help them organize and store many accessories in one place.

The lavish pineapple basket is made from water hyacinth and is 100% biodegradable. It is a colorful basket that takes the shape of a pineapple. Therefore, it is perfect as both a decorative item and a storage basket. See this item here.


Pineapple gifts can be used as decorations in many different ways. You can buy them for your loved one for their home, for their favorite outfit, or as a gift for their birthday. Whatever the case may be, pineapple gifts are always fun and desirable.